IMS is an ecosystem for the administration of financial and insurance products. Why ecosystem? Because it is more than a software system alone, more than simply services, and more than outsourcing your development. IMS is a combination of the technology platform, the experience of our team, and our commitment to being your partner.

Technology Platform IMS was born out of the need to innovate legacy financial systems many of our partners had been using for years. As such, we borrowed what many decades have taught us and applied that knowledge to the new web - connected, always on, and available on multitude of devices and languages. IMS is built using the latest technologies with careful attention to security, reliability and scalability. IMS knows that products today demand multiple currencies, multiple languages, multiple investment options.

Experience of our Team Our team is diverse in background and focus. We have experts in the administration and creation of financial products, experts in operations and offshore products, and experts in technology. We are driven by a desire to improve how companies launch and manage products in the life, pensions, and insurance world.

Commitment to Partnership Our technology alone cannot solve the demands of financial and life products being launched today. We are passionate about creating a partnership with our customers. We know that working together to design, launch and support products, as one team, is the only way to succeed.